Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Same or Next-Day Appointments

Dr. Zich has a maximum of 600 patients; therefore, patients are guaranteed same or next business day appointments with him.

Your new relationship means ‘the long wait’ – in the waiting room, in the exam room or even just to schedule an appointment – is over. It also means you get to see Dr. Zich more often – before a small issue becomes a severe problem; before you have to take a trip to the emergency room; before it costs you time, your hard earned money or your life. Dr. Zich is there for you – on your schedule. You can call your doctor and know that you will see him or her right away without the dread of the long wait.

Remember, Dr. Zich’s personal care model allows you to enjoy your life to the fullest while doing everything possible to prevent disease from entering the picture.


In today’s health care system, patients typically wait 27 minutes in the physician’s office and exam room before they spend on average eight minutes seeing their doctor to obtain a diagnosis of their health problem. With 3,000 patients and mounds of paperwork, “typical physicians” simply don’t have the time to truly listen to and care for their patients. Fortunately for you, there’s a better choice – one with zero wait time and unlimited physician interaction.

Again, because Dr. Zich has a maximum of only 600 patients, rather than the typical 2,500, when you arrive for your appointment you’ll see the doctor right away and together get to the root of the problem. Rest assured you won’t be leaving the doctor’s office in a rush with unanswered questions or lingering concerns. He can spend the time necessary to ensure that you leave the office feeling confident and satisfied. Dr. Zich recognizes that you are a valued client and treats you as such. He takes the time to treat you, the whole person.


Having a primary care physician available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, gives you the security and peace of mind that your doctor has you covered, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Gone are the days of wasting countless hours of time and money on trips to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care for non-life threatening issues. As Dr. Zich’s patient, you can reach your physician by telephone, email, or pager when you need him most. There’s no waiting and no wondering.


Our Yearly Comprehensive Physical saves lives. While this may sound like hyperbole, the facts speak for themselves. After undergoing a physical examination, a test group of ‘average’ patients in a Mayo Clinic study were diagnosed as follows:

  • 4.9% of patients were diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening disease
  • 34.4% of patients were identified as having a previously undiagnosed, severe condition
  • 47.6% of patients were identified as having risk factors for a serious condition*

This is why Dr. Zich places his Yearly Comprehensive Physical at the cornerstone of his mission to identify health issues early on – early detection saves lives.

(*) Source: Mayo Clinic research


What makes Physical Consultation the finest in the Chicago area? After Dr. Zich has completed your Yearly Comprehensive Physical, it will be time to sit down and go over the results with you to make sure you understand your health status. This isn’t just a quick review. This isn’t just the highlights. This is a comprehensive review of your results, what they mean, and how you can take action to improve your state of health.

You can rest assured that after this consultation, you will know every facet of your health, but more importantly Dr. Zich will know you. You’ll know that the doctor isn’t just looking at symptoms to treat. He’s taken the time to look at and listen to you – his patient. During this hour-long meeting, Dr. Zich will consult with you and provide information regarding diet and nutrition, weight loss, exercise improvements, lifestyle, self-examinations throughout the year, age-related problems that you might be facing, healthy sleeping habits, and stress management.

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