Will Dr. Zich see me in the hospital if I require admission?

Yes.  Though most hospitals now utilize Hospitalists to manage your in-patient care, Dr. Zich will  see you in the hospital on most days during your stay.  This allows him to personally keep updated on your progress, answer any questions you have, and directly contact the hospitalist team to coordinate your care.


What if Dr. Zich is not in town or temporarily unavailable? 

As one individual there will be rare situations where Dr. Zich is simply not reachable.  In these circumstances, Dr. Steven DeAngeles, an extremely well-respected private internist and colleague with more than 20 years experience would cover his calls or see you in the office.


How do I reach Dr. Zich after business hours?

You are given his personal cell phone number to contact him directly.


With what hospital is Dr. Zich affiliated?

Dr. Zich has privileges at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  He has taught and practiced there for twelve years and still holds an Assistant Professorship with the medical school.  However, Dr. Zich is committed to providing the best referrals in the most timely manner regardless of the institution.  As such, he will work with any hospital locally or across the country  if necessary to get his patients the best care possible.


Does Dr. Zich make housecalls?

Dr. Zich has patients in both the city and the suburbs.  It is therefore not possible to guarantee house calls for every circumstance.  However, house calls can be arranged in special situations.


Will my insurance cover the yearly membership fee?

No.  Medicare and insurance companies do not cover the yearly membership fee.


Will my Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cover the yearly membership fee? 

This varies by plan, but many FSA accounts will cover the membership fee.


Does my yearly fee cover all my office visits for the year? 

No.  A business entity that provides unlimited health care for a yearly fee is regulated as an insurance company, not as a physician.  Dr. Zich must charge a “fair market value” for each visit.  Depending on your insurance provider, a significant amount of this fee is reimbursed directly to you.


Does Dr. Zich take my insurance?

Dr. Zich is a Medicare Provider but his office does not file directly with other insurance companies.  However, all necessary paperwork is given to you, the patient, to submit to your insurance carrier.  They will reimburse money directly to you based on their fee schedule for an out-of-network provider.

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