Payment Refund Policy

Payment & Refund Policy

1. All the services that are provided by Dr. Zich are provided on the basis of either fixed fee or flat fee and hence are not open to any kind of negotiations or discounts.
2. The fee for all the services is required to be paid before the customer is allowed to avail the concerned service


David K. Zich, MD, SC is dedicated to make all promising efforts. However, in case one or more than one of the following situations occur, David K. Zich, MD, SC has no liability and would cancel the guarantee of any service promised to be provided to the concerned customer.

1. Patient Details like name of the patient, address, mobile number, residence number, admission date, service type payment account information, treatment details, provided by the patient, information of the payee’s account, etc are incorrect.

2. If, at no error of David K. Zich, MD, SC, the payment account of the customer doesn’t have sufficient amount that would fulfill the transaction requirements or the transaction amount is above the credit limit of the customer’s overdraft quantity.

3. If situations that are beyond the power of David K. Zich, MD, SC (like flood, fire, external force interference, etc) occur and result in improper performance of transactions and David K. Zich, MD, SC has already taken sound safety measure to avoid such situations.

4. In case there is a debit card payment and the details of the user are erroneous, fraud or incorrect.

5. If the customer breaches any Terms and Conditions of the Agreement and/or the Terms and Conditions related to the procedure to the use of David K. Zich, MD, SC.


1. You understand, agree, and verify that the details of the credit card that is communicated by you are meant for benefitting from the services provided by Dr. Zich will be right as well as accurate.

2. You agree to the condition that you will not use credit cards that are not legally possessed by you

3. You additionally undertake and agree to supply the valid and correct details of the credit card to Dr. Zich

4. Dr. Zich will not share and utilize the said information with any of the third party, unless it is required on the basis of court order law or regulations.


1. Patient understands that if Patient desires to terminate Patient’s relationship with Corporation, Patient must provide at least ninety (90) days written notice.  Patient further acknowledges that the Annual Fee is non-refundable regardless of whether patient chooses to receive any or none of the Services except for the below condition.

2. Patient acknowledges the following addition to the refund policy:  Patient may cancel membership within 1 month of payment if no more than 1 patient encounter has occurred during that month, for refund of 11/12ths of the membership fee, but not of the office visit fee.  After one month, or more than one patient visit within that month, the fee is non-refundable as described above.

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